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Renowned K9 trainer and handler Jan Kaldenbach brings his considerable expertise to bear on the subject of scent detection in K9s in his classic work on scent detection, now back in print.

Beginning with some notes on canine intelligence and observation, Kaldenbach also covers topics such as the perception of odors; the structure of the nose and how it works; the right dog and handler for scent detection work; and how dogs can find human beings. Each topic is accompanied by detailed diagrams and illustrations. He then includes detailed instruction on how to train a K9 in scent detection for tracking work, drug detection and human scent discrimination.

Two approaches round out the book. The first is a description of Police Detector Dog Requirements in the Netherlands, to help police administrators develop specific targets for their K9 units. The second is a series of case files from Kaldenbach’s own experience, providing insights into the benefits and problems of training and using K9s for scent detection work.

Table of Contents

Preface, Jan Kaldenbach
Foreward, Alfred Maciejewski
1. Canine intelligence and observation
2. The perception of odors
3. The nose and how it works
4. The right dog and handler for the job
5. How dogs can find us
6. Tracking
7. Drug detection
8. Suspect discrimination
Appendix 1: Police detector dog requirements in the Netherlands
Appendix 2: Case files

Jan Kaldenbach

Jan Kaldenbach was a police office for over 30 years in the Netherlands, spending 12 of those years working with detector dogs in scent discrimination, tracking, and drug detection. After his retirement in 1992, he traveled around the world assisting various law enforcement agencies with their K9 training programs.