Examination and Desk Copies

Dog Training Press is pleased to provide examination copies for course adoption consideration to instructors at universities and colleges. As a measure to save time, expense, and trees, Dog Training Press will provide an electronic copy in either eBook or pdf format. If an electronic format is not available, a printed book will be provided.

Request a copy by email or fax on department letterhead (examcopy@brusheducation.ca or 1-855-283-6947). Please include the course name and code, semester, enrolment, and instructor contact information.

For printed books, if not adopted after 180 days, and if the book has not been returned, an invoice will be sent.

Desk copies will be provided upon receiving notification of adoption (examcopy@brusheducation.ca). If an examination copy had been provided for consideration, it may be retained as a desk copy. If the examination copy was provided in electronic format, a printed edition will be provided on receiving notice of adoption (provided the book is available in printed format).

Review Copies

For media, blogger, and other review copy requests, or to arrange author interviews, please contact Tom Lore at tom.lore@brusheducation.ca.